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"The No Looking Back"
Healing Journey
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Feat. I'm Winning, Foul Play, Sum12Sumthin, Champion, Soul Weep, Do Better., and Let's Go

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 Narcissistic Abuse Healing Journey Music 

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Maya Angelou


No Looking Back Album
Tina Rix

Licensed Psychotherapist, Outpatient mental health clinic owner, Award-Winning Film Director, and Soulful Music Awards 2022 winner, Tina Rix, has completed her Debut LP, titled "No Looking Back." She healed from a lifetime of trauma working on this album and has emerged with lots of gratitude, excited to share her music with the world.

She calls it a "Healing Journey" Album


It's being called a "No Skip" album by music bloggers and submit hub's curators, meaning each song on the 17-track album is a delight to listen to. As you go into the healing journey world of the talented and creative songstress,  Nigerian-American, you will be taken on a journey of a wide range of emotionally vulnerable songs all packaged quite different...different genres, different productions, and Tina sings with a different approach to each track to emote what she is feeling. It's very unique and exciting to listen to track after track because you don't know what type of track is coming next, and Afropop, R&B, Contemporary R&B, Afrobeat, Rap, Latin influenced Afropop, Pop Soul, Alternative/Alternative R&B. It's like a perfect therapy session/revival/spiritual experience listening to the No Looking Back album. 


Tina's Words:

This album is a healing journey album. I'm an abuse survivor and licensed psychotherapist specializing in deep-rooted trauma.  I'm authentic and raw, and that vibe shows throughout the album. I'm extremely proud of this 17-track album. 


Thank you for the love and support, and you are welcome to join me on this healing journey because healing never ends. 



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The No Looking Back Album is Available on All Streaming Platforms

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