"No Looking Back" Debut LP
Tina Rix

Austin, Texas-based, Nigerian American Music and Award-Winning Film Director, Tina Rix has created something special for you to take in that is unlike any album we've heard before, in that is "strange good," LOL"

"She's Keeping Austin weird, but in a beautiful way with her Healing Journey Music."-Tiffany S., Austin, TX.  

 Here is what Ms. Rix shared when asked about the underlying inspiration behind this album, "My goal is to live a Music and Mental Health lifestyle, by sharing my expertise as a licensed psychotherapist with 17 years and counting career in mental health and substance abuse I've come to realize that there is no way I would have healed from it all if music and the arts were not in my life. For those with complex trauma from growing up with Narcissistic Personality Disordered Parent(s), suffering through daily bullying, smear campaigns, character assassination, battling with the constant invalidation that chips away at your soul and self-image, confidence, and deteriorated your self-love...if you suffered through various abuse as a child and then realized abusive relationships became a trending storyline in your life, then THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU!- Tina Rix

The No Looking Back LP from Tina Rix is a Raw, Authentic, Uplifting, Empowering, Validating, Inspiring, Eclectic Piece of Work.

Each song takes you on a journey with music styling genre mix breeding (Afropop, British R&B Influences, American R&B, Pop, Hip Hop Soul, Dancehall, Latin Influences, Neo-Soul, Alternative R&B, Gospel, Afro Gospel, Afrobeat, Traditional R&B, and Rap) a very original, trance-like, engaging, and entertaining way. After listing to this Album you will feel encouragement, acceptance, empowerment, acknowledgment, inspiration, and motivation to 

be proud of your story, and continue on your Healing Journey. - John L., Houston, TX

"What Music Reviewers and Music Bloggers are Saying"

Be Sure to Download the beautiful piece of work reviewers are calling  "A really dope and unique piece of work," "This a No Skip Album I Keep on When Driving and Vibing Home Doing Chores,"

"Tina Rix's No Looking back has an impressive and intentionally left raw vocals that add to the authentic and intimacy personified in each of the 17 tracks," "Tina Rix is a very versatile artist and her fearlessness shines through on this album by all the different vocal and music styles she beautifully and impressively executed track after track. She has created her own brand and style of music."  "This black singing therapist is not from this planet...she making music from the planet of Venus, and it's dope! Lol"

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Soul Weep/ Tina Rix

Soul Weep is a healing sentiment. The track glides on a creeping bass, strung along with other melancholy instruments.

This is about marriage or a relationship gone bad. One of the two in the relationship had narcissistic personality disorder characteristics, and the other was an empath, highly sensitive, and over nurturing. It’s about an abused person waking up, realizing they need to confront the love they are walking away from.