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 Healing Journey, Rebirth, and Empowerment Music 

This music journey I'm on is all about spiritual warfare and healing.....not just healing for myself...but sharing the vibes of authenticity and transparency with the world. I have taken all the various rounds of narcissistic abuse from childhood, to school age, to the workplace, to the community, and even at church, and I use my experiences to help others heal, express their pain and share their stories in healthy and safe ways, such as drama, comedy, art, music, theatre, and film.

Purpose and Passion behind the mission:

Black women are the most devalued, disrespected, and neglected beings. Before I leave this Earth my goal is to elevate souls that have been murdered, resurrect the dreamer in the abused and rejected, and replace the voice in their head that says, "it's over," with one that says, "keep going...don't stop...YOU ARE A WINNER..."

Before I leave this Earth, I want people to be increasingly more aware of their actions (covert or overt), how they treat others, and how they talk to and treat themselves. I hope that people take a black women's tears, pain, dedication, diligence, passion, and tenacity more seriously, and respect their lives, and stories...instead of slapping generalized negative stereotypes on them and dismissing them as if they don't matter.

Here's a link to international suicide hotline numbers listed by country.





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